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I wrote every word on these pages. Please take a few minutes to become an educated voter and read about my life and my views on the issues. I want to earn your trust and your vote.

Let me know what matters to you. Call me at (252) 365-5420 or email me at rodney@alexanderfornchouse.com

My name is Rodney Alexander, and I am running for North Carolina House of Representatives, District 13.

I hope I can count on your vote on November 8, 2016 so that we can work together to build a bright future for Carteret and Jones Counties.

I am married (20 years) and have three children, two of whom are in public schools in District 13. My mother and father were the children of sharecroppers. I graduated from NC public schools, then worked many different jobs, including as a sand blaster/utility man before working my way through community college and college while driving a school bus. After college, I worked my way through law school. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to work my way through good public schools and ultimately to manage my own business.

I am qualified to represent you in the North Carolina Legislature.

I believe our elected representatives should be fiscally responsible, accountable, dependable, accessible, and fair. I want our families to have access to a good education system, good jobs and decent health care (physical and mental). And, we need a state tax code that is fair to wage earners.

I am proud to be from a working class family, and you deserve to be represented by someone who knows what it’s like to be part of a hard-working family and who will represent your interests in Raleigh.

Our government has been taken over by Big Money. Our policies are misguided because our elected representatives don’t answer to the people any more--they answer to Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Businesses and Billionaires that spend millions of dollars each year to interfere in the political process so they can advance policies that help them and hurt the People. It’s time to TAKE OUR GOVERNMENT BACK.